Educational outreach

Free and easy to access data

Argo data are free and easy to access, making it an excellent tool for teaching everything from basic concepts, like the temperature of the ocean and how to read graphs, to global climate forecasting and climate change issues. The resources available are designed to suit audiences with a range of interests.

Link to Met Office page on climate change

Argo Google Earth layer

The Argo Google Earth layer is maintined by the Argo Technical Coordinator and provides an interactive way to work with Argo and explore the extent of the Argo fleet. Individual floats can be viewed and tracked to find out where they have been, with useful popup tabs that display data from each float, as well as the techniques used to analyse their profiles.

Link to google toolbar

A tour of the ocean with EuroArgo

The EuroArgo educational site is hosted by the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton and sponsored by the EuroArgo partnership. This also features Google Earth layers, and teaches about ocean currents, how to interpret the float output and the role of Argo in climate observation.

Link to NOCS educational page

Argo YouTube Channel

The Argo YouTube channel features animations of float drift paths, deployments and interviews.

Link to Argo YouTube Channel

Further links

  • International Argo home page
  • Wikipedia article on Argo, a more detailed description of the Argo mission and operation of the floats

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