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UK Argo profiles and trajectories mainly cover the North and South Atlantic, Indian and Southern Oceans represents approximately 5% of the international Argo fleet.

Float data from the full global array can be access from either of the two Global Data Assembly Centres (GDACS)

  • IFREMER Coriolis, France
  • US Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) Data Center

The US NODC maintains the Global Argo Data Repository (GADR) which operates as a long-term archive for Argo data. The GADR has the responsibility to manage updates to Argo data that are reanalyzed some time later and for which corrections may be applied. While the GDACs are the main source of Argo data to users with high speed internet access, there will be some who cannot get data in this manner. The GADR can provide alternate means for users to get Argo data.

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