The table below lists UK Argo floats deployed over the last year, starting with the most recent deployments. Provided are the Argos number and WMO number (which are the floats unique identifiers), the deployment time, the deployment location and the type of float deployed.

Argos number WMO number Deployed Latitude
(+ve N)
(+ve E)
Float type
10383329019022017-11-09 09:56-10.498441.0553TWR APEX
10383429019032017-11-09 09:51-10.498441.0553TWR APEX
15421629019052017-11-01 01:30-14.959641.0478TWR APEX
15421529019042017-11-01 01:29-14.959641.0478TWR APEX
16536339015392017-10-27 13:10-45.1833-31.7333TWR APEX
16536239015382017-10-27 05:45-44.2167-31.333TWR APEX
16535139015372017-10-19 13:55-22-25TWR APEX
16535039015362017-10-18 14:37-18.5833-25.0667TWR APEX
9046i69012062017-10-03 14:1325.72-28.67TWR APEX
9063i69012052017-10-02 14:3028.2-28.1TWR APEX
16535619018872017-07-24 22:22-34.517.45TWR APEX
16535719018882017-07-24 19:36-34.5111.2TWR APEX
16535519018862017-07-23 02:32-34.53.72TWR APEX
16535419018852017-07-22 08:20-34.5.12TWR APEX
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