The table below lists UK Argo floats deployed over the last year, starting with the most recent deployments. Provided are the Argos number and WMO number (which are the floats unique identifiers), the deployment time, the deployment location and the type of float deployed.

Argos number WMO number Deployed Latitude
(+ve N)
(+ve E)
Float type
14254369012112018-11-06 14:1323.128-49.002TWR APEX
14254469012122018-11-05 12:3723.871-43.5005TWR APEX
14254569012132018-11-02 10:2123.727-38.0012TWR APEX
16535339015512018-10-22 14:25-37.012-38.8349TWR APEX
16535239015502018-10-21 14:44-34.5813-36.0915TWR APEX
15421039015492018-10-18 05:39-26.6279-27.655TWR APEX
13452439015482018-10-14 08:59-15.4078-25.0084TWR APEX
4599019018982018-06-02 02:1716.783967.9933TWR APEX
10382819019082018-05-31 08:1813.788164.6656TWR APEX
4598919018972018-05-27 11:307.192862.0903TWR APEX
10382719019072018-05-22 12:10.003657.2741TWR APEX
10382619019002018-05-20 05:33-1.762957.2239TWR APEX
13453019019102018-05-20 01:10-3.476955.8062TWR APEX
10382519018992018-05-03 16:17-21.994654.5187TWR APEX
13452919019092018-05-02 12:05-23.987954.5089TWR APEX
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